Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creating a fresh beginning

Because this is my first post, I believe it is important for me to explain a little about myself and my journey in life thus far. I am from the beautiful Pacific North West, although it has the stereotype of having a miserable dreary atmosphere, this is hardly true. I am vegan, and proud of it! I have something called Candida (which 80 million Americans alone have this, but may not know it because medicinal doctors seem to overlook the symptoms). I love my dog Jack more than anything in the world, he is my pride and joy (yes!!! That's my baby in the picture)!  And finally, I am planning on becoming a Mid-Wife in the near future after I finish schooling.

Many people ask me why I choose to not eat meat, and it is simply because I don't believe it is fair for any creature to die for our simple, tasty satisfaction. It is important for me to add that I don't judge those who choose a lifestyle in which one eats meat. 

Candida... where do begin, it is definitely something that I struggle with EVERY day of my life. Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the intestinal tract, which affects all parts of the body (scalp, ears, stomach, even... toe nails)!! This also means that on top of not eating meat, I cant eat any wheat/gluten products, ie: bread, pizza crust, crackers, basically all the good foods. I also cant have dairy, which means no milk shakes for me, and no sugar!! Which by the way, I'm one of those girls that loves to sit down and eat chocolate and cookies, at 1 o'clock in the morning so you can only imagine how hard that is for me.  If anyone reading this blog can relate to this struggle, please read on, I will help as much as possible to introduce any helpful products and home remedies that have worked for me and can hopefully help through your journey as well. (And I would love any feedback for what has helped for you).

All I truly want with this blog is to help people find relief and satisfaction with their mind and body and to hopefully energize your souls.

Thanks for reading!!!